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Jhiri Mela In Kashmir

Jhiri Mela In Kashmir

Jhiri Mela In Kashmir 

Jhiri Mela is actually an annual Fair held in Jammu during October - November. Jhiri Mela in Jammu symbolizes courage, honesty and compassion. It also upholds the values, customs and culture of the Indians.

Jhiri Mela in Jammu also brings in a festive mood that is almost incomparable to any other festival of its kind. It rejuvenates the mood of the people and offers them some amount of rest and relaxation from the humdrum of daily lives.

There is a legend behind the Jhiri Mela in Jammu. According to the legend, there was a local farmer who was truthful and uncomplicated. His name was Baba Jitu. He used to stay with his family at Jhiri which was located 14 kilometers from Jammu. Once the local landlord demanded that he should part with his crop.

This was an injustice because Baba Jitu spent days on the fields to produce that rich yield. He could not accept the unfairness of the zaminder and committed suicide because there was no other option before him. Neither was there a police station nor was the king ready to listen to a mere peasant. So, the naïve peasant had to end his life.

People of Jhiri began to worship Baba because of his honesty and self respect. They started believing that his soul was eternal and needed to be worshipped. So every year the people of Jhiri celebrate the Jhiri Mela during the end of October to commemorate the great sacrifice of the peasant.

From every corner of India people visit the Jhiri Mela in order to pay homage to the great soul. In the Jhiri Mela at Jammu various things are sold. Pottery, vases, utensils and toys are some of those items. Apart from these there are stalls that sell books on the legendary Baba Jitu for whom this fiesta has gained such popularity.

These books and pamphlets glorify the life and activities of Baba Jitu. Jhiri Mela in Jammu is a thrilling experience.

Jhiri Mela is usually held at the end of October or at the beginning of November. The fair continues for a number of days at a stretch and offers entertainment to old and young alike.