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Home » Wildlife Sanctuaries In Kashmir » Kishtwar High Altitude National Park Kashmir

Kishtwar High Altitude National Park Kashmir

Kishtwar High Altitude National Park Kashmir

Kishtwar High Altitude National Park Kashmir

Located 248km. from Jammu, Kishtwar High Altitude National Park occupies an area of 400 sq km. The park is the natural habitat of 15 mammal species including the musk deer and Himalayan black and brown bear. There are 50 species of birds.

The park is characterized by the marked variations in topography as well as vegetation that are abundantly found here. These variations in topography, climate and altitude are the main reasons which contribute to the occurrence of different types of forest vegetation.

The principal tree species are Pinus gerardiana, Cedrus deodara, Quercus spp., Pinus wallichiana, Juglans regia, Ulmus spp., etc. The main shrubs associates are Viburnum spp., Parrotiopsis jacquemontiana, Rosa spp., and Desmodium tiliaefolium. The major herbs are Brachypodium spp., Primula spp., Dipsacus mitis, Brachypodium spp., Anemone spp., Artemisia vulgaris, etc. The Park harbors over fifteen species of mammals. Notable amongst them hangul, musk deer, markhor, goral Himalayan brown bear, langur, leopard, etc.

Among the avifauna found in the park include fifty species of birds. The main species are the Himalayan jungle crow, bearded vulture, griffon vulture, paradise flycatcher, golden oriole, white cheeked bulbul and Indian Mynah. The Park has an altitudinal range of 1,700 to 4,800 meters above sea level. The best season for bird viewing is March to May and mammal viewing is September to March. While in the sanctuary, it is advisable to have trekking shoes, raincoat, and light clothing during spring and summer. In winter trekking shoes, heavy woolens, waterproof windcheaters should be kept. The nearest airport from Kishtwar High Altitude National Park is in Jammu, which is 58 kms away. The nearest railhead is Jammu which is 56 kms away.