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The Festival Of Lohri In Kashmir

The Festival Of Lohri In Kashmir

The Festival Of Lohri In Kashmir 

Lohri is a renowned Festival in Kashmir and is the precursor of spring. So, at the onset of spring, the Lohri Festival is held amidst great pomp and gaiety. This festival marks the beginning of a pleasant season when the chirping of birds and the fresh leaves on the branches of trees marks a new beginning of life.

Lohri Festival is also a way of bidding good bye to the sharp bites of winter and welcoming the new spring of life that waits to be discovered. On the day of the Lohri Festival the entire region bedecks itself in a gorgeous manner and wears a festive look.

Some say that Lohri in Kashmir characterize a composite culture. Kashmir with its wide array of religious diversities is a home to many different spiritual cults. During the festive occasion of Lohri they forget their differences and participate in the carnival to make it brighter and promising.

The holy carnival of Lohri is marked by ceremonious dipping into the sacred river. In each and every house of Jammu and Kashmir the Havan Yagnas are lit. This indicates the driving away of the evil spirits and welcoming of the good ones so that each and every household is free from the evil encounters like accidents, deaths and unnecessary harassments.

In the rural areas of Kashmir the young boys wander in the streets and ask for gifts from the parents of a newborn baby and the newly wedded couple. In the Lohri Festival a special form of dance presentation known as the Chajja is also performed by the young boys into the streets.

They bedeck themselves with the chajja which is decorated with colored papers and flowers. They dance in tune to the pulsating drumbeats and the pageantry becomes a lively and spectacular event.

Such festival like Lohri brings in happiness and unity and they also ensure tranquility to the state. In India harmony is a pre-requisite or a better existence and so, such pageantry as Lohri is always welcome.

Lohri is usually celebrated in January. It is also known as Makar Sankranti in other parts of India and is the harbinger of spring.